Pretty Gritty #13

Sunday August 23, 2015

choose your own epiphany

Call me old fashioned, but what I love most in a bit of experimental music is a sense of going there... perhaps to be taken so far there that it might be hard to find the way home. Pretty Gritty lucky #13 offers a mixed lolly-bag of such experiences, a range of epiphanies—loud, soft, harsh, delicate and a host of other binaries and multiplicities— from a star-studded array of hardcore experimentalists.


Luke Jaaniste

I want to be mesmerised. I want to feel my body feeling the vibrations of itself and of the earth. I want to be with the yummy fuzz of drone-distortion-pulsation-space.

Over the last few years I’ve been working on a range of ongoing projects that each luxuriate in the vibrational spatial material qualities of sound, in ways that invite full body listening sensations — with quad-amplified grand piano (Trance Piano), multiple vintage keyboards and pre-set auto-chords (Portal), electro-hypnotica (HHAARRPP), participatory site-specific assembles (Super Critical Mass) and direct contact electric bass feedback networks (Sub Terror). A few months ago I added the world of distorted and droning electric guitar to the mix, thanks to a second-hand kids-size guitar that I discovered had been lying around the house for a year. And when fused with the pulsations of a synth beat box and other post-rock accoutrements it has become THUNDER CLOUD.

2015 activities include: Asia Pacific Triennial, GOMA; Festival of Slow Music, Ballarat; Art and About, City of Sydney; You Are Here, Canberra; Fresh Ground residency and MESMERISM festivals, Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts; Cementa Festival, Kandos.

Clare Cooper

Clare Cooper will be playing #5 in her Mapped Intimacy series. She’s planning a percussion-heavy solo harp set to accompany the mapped audience mini score specific to 107 projects.

Cooper has been an active member of the Sydney arts community since she co-founded the NOW now festival 15 years ago. Most of her projects these days centre around futuring and speculative design applied to context, performing, community organising, improvisation, graphic scores, filmic portraiture and survival.

Kusum Normoyle

Kusum Normoyle is an artist and musician working with voice, feedback and noise for both performance and installation. Her performances are brief, extreme and physical and the female scream takes a much heavier tone; more like metal than hysteria, dragging the audience into a harder, faster display of screaming, amplification and feedback. For Pretty Gritty Kusum will present new work that incorporates composed metal-tech beats with voice and feedback.


A new project featuring Nicola Morton (vocals & synth), Nick Dan (vocals & synth), Anthony Guerra (electric bass) & Matt Earle (sampled percussion).