Pretty Gritty #12

Sunday July 5, 2015

cuts & abrasions

Just in case you thought it was getting all too pretty, we bring you some hardcore gritty. It's going to be crunchy, chunky, noisy and thumpy with bloodied beats and flaying feedback. Beautifully bracing and life affirming!


Jannah Quill at Pretty Gritty #13 from Gail Priest on Vimeo.


Jannah Quill

Jannah Quill is a sound and visual artist based in Sydney. Her artworks carve soundscapes through the amplification of everyday technologies.

Discarded LCD screens, projectors and consumer product lighting are re-circuited, shifting the focus from function to materiality. She works with the light properties of these digitally produced (and then re-produced) systems and their ability to be linked with sound as either producers or reactors. Her performances are the loud discordance of amplified strobes and synthesiser.


Ivan Lisyak

Ivan Lisyak is a multidisciplinary artist/ musician working within sound, feedback, & noise. Ivan’s solo sound works are derived from pop culture appropriation, techno, and heavy industrial aesthetics in an attempt to displace normal genre expectations. Ivan has previously performed at - The NOW Now Festival, Cementa, Electrofringe, Liquid Architecture to name a few.

Photo by Ben Westover / Photography


Athrotaxis is the main pseudonym for the electronic music of Nick Beeby over the last decade. This work is all largely experimental in nature, building off a wide range of processes in composition and production. A constant renewal of approach has been most notably balanced between impulsive musical expression using instrumental improvisation and digitally enabled stream of consciousness on one hand, and a network of stochastically and axiomatically calculated digital experiments on the other, the resulting productions encompass a wide spectrum which includes all but everything in between. With a preferance for building a theoretical framework above the novelty and multitude of today's available software, this work is largely constructed through additive and granular synthesis, with smaller contributions from MIDI programming, home-recorded instruments, databending, circuit bending and sounds appropriated from the technosphere. Other areas of interest include finding new forms of tonality, tuning systems and rhythmic syntax.

Steffan Ianigro & Alexander Whillas

Steffan Ianigro and Alexander Whillas met while performing the secret ceremonies required to reach O.T. level VIII in The Church of Scientology, at the end of which they both realised, simultaneously, that their auras were oscillating at the same base frequency and they must Work Together to prevent a super-real-cataclysm (SRC), triggered by their meeting, that could envelope the earth and all its inhabitants starting what is colloquially know as "The End of Days", thus the dynamic duo, by emitting certain waves, audible as sound and what has been described as "the best noise of my life" by the editor of N0iSy-NOISE magazine, meat fate head on, together: one employing Artificial Intelligence (algorithms) the other employing SuperCollider. Should be noisy.