Pretty Gritty #7

Sunday June 22, 2014

assault & bassery

Prepare yourself for deep, dark, dirty journeys below the noise floor. This one's all grit and the pretty is a matter of opinion. Queen of noise, Cat Hope submerges us in her bass-noise underworld; maker of alien instruments and weaponry, Defektro, engages in sonic warfare; and Knife Crimes scraps it out in the sonic equivalent of hand-to-hand combat. Be alert & alarmed.


Knife Crimes

WHY? Say 'No to Knives!'...Carrying a Knife in the belief that it will only be used to defend is 'foolish'. Many terrible injuries and fatalies have been caused when the persons own knife has been taken and used on them. To carry a knife is putting yourself and others in serious danger!

Knife Crimes is the shambolic, hacked and bent music project of Sydney artist Samuel Bruce. Knife Crimes makes handmade electronic music using a variety of DIY synths, circuit bent soundtoys and hacked consumer goods, packaged up with ex-rental VHS and a dose of blinkenlights. Recordings are available via the futuristic virtual record label, Crypt Designers Guild. Together, we can stop Knife Crimes.



Characterised by their harsh machine produced Junk metal sounds Defektro have been performing together for over ten years. Formed in Tokyo, Japan, Defektro is a 3 human, many machine noise unit. The units original members Hirofumi Uchino and Ayako Honda crashed onto the noise scene in Tokyo in 1995. In 2001 they were joined by Laura Griffiths to make the present day unit Defektro. Hiro, a futuristic Dr Frankenstien, is the evil mastermind and father of the machines used in Defektro. The sound is produced by the machines, noise instruments, sonic weapons, sampled, effected chewed up and spat out for the pleasure of the audience.

Originally from Japan, Hiro is an Australian permanent resident and artist who creates "noise" related experimental music performances, objects and exhibitions utilizing a wide range of skills and methods. Founder of "Lastgasp Art Laboratories" and "Defektro".

Cat Hope

Cat Hope is a composer, sound artist, writer, performer, songwriter, artistic director and noise artist. As an experimental bass noise artist she has performed as a soloist and as part of other groups, such as the multi bass improvisation projects Lux Mammoth and Abe Sada. Her solo bass track Mindimi Trek was featured on the Susan Lawley 'Extreme Music From Women' compilation which led to extensive touring and noise releases in the USA, Europe and Japan where she has performed alongside the likes of Acid Mothers Temple, Zipperspy, Miranda July, Whitehouse, C Spencer Yeh, Stelarc, Merzbow, KK Null, Astro and others in festivals worldwide. She also plays in the collaborative bass projects HzHzHz with cellist Tristen Parr, and Candied Limbs with Lindsay Vickery. She completed a PhD entitled ‘The possibility of Infrasonic Music’ in 2010. In 2014 she begins a new project, the Australian Bass Orchestra, which premieres in Perth in July.