Pretty Gritty #11

Sunday May 3, 2015

it shimmers, it glimmers, it glows

All jangly and arpeggiated and so sweetly messed up. Glistening guitars, spangly pianos and glitchy goodness with interludal incandescent visions. What more (as in how many more adjectives) can I say?


Monica Brooks

Monica Brooks has modeled sound works, compositions, and improvisations from piano, computer, field recordings, glasses, radio, and accordion. As a performer she has collaborated with various fabulous folks such as Jim Denley, Dale Gorfinkel, Herminone Johnson, Chris Abrahams, Robbie Avenaim, Kraig Grady, Richard Nuns, Eugene Chadbourne, and Joe Talia.

Long-term projects have toured nationally and internationally, including Great Waitress with legends Laura Altman & Magda Mayas (Konfrontationen 2011, Music Unlimited 2012, All Ears 2014); West Head Project, with Dale Gorfinkel, Anthony Magen & Jim Denley (MONA FOMA 2012), and Women’s Auxiliary Choir with Sonia Z, Loni Cooper, and Ces Hotbake (Various, King St, NSW 2011-2015). From one of her first group shows in 2007, Monica’s sound installation works are often heavily inspired by the technology and usage of radio transmission. Brooks also fronts the eight-piece ensemble, Electronic Resonance Korps, developing works for multiple mono computer performance. Other projects include currently undertaking a Masters (Hons) at University of Western Sydney (Penrith), and sounding like a goose while writing bios. Monica is currently recording a solo album for piano for RIP Society, due for release in 2015.

Photo by Lucy Parakhina


CORIN is the solo project of versatile Sydney pianist Corin Ileto (Alaska Orchestra). CORIN’s 20 plus years of training as a classical pianist are melded with her own blend of glitchy, ambient electronica in her independent 2014 release Deluge, making it as innovative as it is beautiful. Deluge is an exploration of a romantic gesture within repetitive, minimalist frameworks, moving from wave-like arpeggiation to still-water ambience with fearless technique and delicate tenderness.

“Without even considering that this [is] Corin’s first full released body of work, Deluge explores ambient and atmospherical sounds [that] hold up against existing artists … a humbling and exceptional listen for when you feel you need to take step back from the world.” - Blake Creighton, The Ripe

Andrew Tuttle

Andrew Tuttle, based in Brisbane, Australia; creates sounds that explore the relationship between instrumentation, structure and genre within electronics and acoustics, performed on computer, synthesiser, banjo, acoustic guitar, electronics and other instrumentation. Tuttle has collaborated live and/or on record with musicians and sound artists including Matmos, Lawrence English, Mike Cooper, Blank Realm, Qua, Seaworthy, and Heinz Riegler, amongst others. Prior to 2013, Andrew Tuttle primarily recorded and performed under the moniker Anonymeye. Slowcation, an edition of recent recordings created on travels in North America and Australia, will be released on A Guide To Saints (Room40’s tape imprint) in April 2015.


Travis Baird writes, performs and records as AFXJIM. He has released two albums and contributed a handful of remixes on Sydney's Feral Media label, most recently 2014's album Distant. Live performances borrow from folk, ambient, electronic and experimental spheres, delivered via sprawling guitar and sample-based soundscapes with hushed indie-folk interludes.

Samuel James (visuals)

Samuel James has worked with many of Sydney’s dance companies as a filmmaker and projection artist. He tries to escape yearly to remote areas to make video imagery based on the animism of objects and environments and how to represent experiences which extend from the phenomenology of the eye. These works are video light drawings made in Iceland in January 2015 related to various moments which were more easily drawn than captured on video.